ClubLowCarb is designed to be a support community for people on a low-carb lifestyle. It’s all about food and friendship. The social side of the site lets you network with others, make friends, and chat about special interests in groups. Recipes are constantly added, catering for all styles and levels of cooking. Articles are added more slowly, but they are well-researched and provide valuable information that is hard to find elsewhere on the Internet.

There are no ads on the site. There are no links to affiliated products to bring income to the site. The site is run by the membership fees - and those fees are very reasonable.

Misinformation spreads fast

It’s very hard to get good information about diet and nutrition on the Internet. Diet seems to be a belief system rather than a discipline based on science. There is little science to back up much of the advice that is passed on by partly-informed journalists as fact.

On the Internet, Content is King. If you want people to visit your website, you have to provide content. But take a look around at what websites are paying for content. $5 for 500 words is fairly common. Seriously, who’s going to put in hours of proper research for that kind of money? Isn’t it easier to just search the Internet, grab the misinformation written by the original partly-informed journalists, rewrite it and pass it on?

At ClubLowCarb, you’ll get real information on diet issues, properly researched  by experienced writers.

Weight loss ads are misleading

Weight-loss products are big business. Their ads are on every ad-driven diet site. They pop up all the time on facebook. You’ve seen them: This simple trick will help you lose belly fat. Lose 30 kg in one month without exercise. 5 Veggies that help you lose stomach fat.

Clicking them usually leads to a video that guarantees you will lose weight on this $197 program, which you can get for only $97 if you buy it today, in this limited time offer after which this video will no longer be available. And you’ll get free ebooks worth $567. Sound familiar?

Well, if weight loss were that easy, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic in the world, would we.

That’s why there are no ads on ClubLowCarb. And no affiliate links either. (That $97 price tag is a dead giveaway for affiliate links Browse Clickbank!)

Let’s keep this between us

It would be very easy, and cost nothing, to open a group for ClubLowCarb on facebook. Enough said?

Okay, you wouldn’t get the articles on facebook, or the recipes. But if you know little about privacy settings, do you really want your posts and discussions on weight issues to be read by all your facebook friends, never mind the general public.

Spammers don’t like membership fees

Spammers usually run bots that crawl the Internet and sign up wherever they find a Create Account option. If you’ve ever run a forum, you know how many hundreds of spammer accounts are created every day. Some of the bots are particularly clever and can bypass the restrictions placed on forum, and next thing you have viagra ads everywhere, even in the limited access forums.

But while those bots can get past the Validation codes, it’s hard to imagine them flashing credit cards. In case they do, any spammer will get banned for life, and forfeit their membership fees.

So what does membership cost?

Ever been to a site where they give glowing reviews about a product that you can download free, or the benefits of membership, and you cannot find a price anywhere? Does that put you off? You won’t find it at ClubLowCarb.

Membership fees will be reasonable, just choose your currency:

€2.99 per month; €29.99 per year

£2.59 per month; £25.99 per year

$3.95 per month; $39.95 per year

 You will be able to sign up for just one month if you want to look around and see what’s what, and if it’s worth it. You can also sign up for a monthly subscription if you’re on a budget and don’t want to splurge on an annual membership. The sterling and dollar prices are based on the exchange rate to euros in September 2013.

Right now, it is too early in the development of the site to actually accept members! If you're interested in joining, bookmark this page and check back weekly. You may even be able to sign up for beta-testing at next-to-nothing for a whole year.

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