Many people look to fad diets to quick-fix weight problems, and many have probably taken up a low-carb diet without understanding what it does. A low-carb diet is designed to help control insulin production in the body. Diet, genetic or medical factors contribute to high insulin levels in the bloodstream. If the levels remain high, the cells become resistant to insulin, and the body keeps producing more and more to compensate. It's a vicious cycle, but it can be controlled: avoid foods that cause high insulin levels.

Insulin production problems cause fat to accumulate around the waistline: the beer belly is a typical example. If you're struggling to lose that belly fat, it's time to find out more about insulin, digestion, and low-carb eating.

Every meal needs proteins

Meat, fish, chicken, egg or cheese feature in every meal. Nuts and seeds can substitute occasionally.

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Vegetables are essential

Non-starchy vegetables form a good source of healthy carbohydrates. Yes, that's right - you get plenty of carbohydrates in a low-carb diet. They just come from sources that don't cause blood-sugar spikes, and thus don't raise insulin levels. 

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Fruits satisfy the sweet tooth

Fruits sweeten up low-carb diet. Yes, they're very high in sugar, but you'll always eat fruits as part of a meal. 

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Dress for success

Oils, vinegars and other dressings add style to your meals . Fats are just fine. Within reason, even creams and butters are just fine.

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Typical meals

Eat till you're well satisfied at every meal. The idea is give your body the foods it needs, and enough of them.

See a dietician's plan

So is low-carb really low-carb?

A dietician's diet gives you plenty of carbs: approximately 178 grams of carbs per day, which is the equivalent of 9 slices of bread. Think of it rather as being low-starch, and enjoy the meals. There is certainly a wide enough variety for excellent everyday eating, and wonderful special occasion feasts.

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What to Eat?

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Food Wise

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