Belly fat is just one symptom of insulin resistance. It can also be a symptom of other digestive hormones not working well. Your doctor can perform tests to find out if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, but insulin resistance is more difficult.

When should you seek medical help? Or even consider a low-carb diet?

Think about what you have just learned about blood sugar and energy.

If your cells are not getting enough blood sugar to produce energy, you will be tired, especially after eating. A meal should leave you energised, not listless.

If you have a constant craving for sweet things, it may be your cells asking for more blood sugar, because they’re not getting enough through their little jammed doors.

Water can help reduce the concentration of blood sugar. If you are always thirsty, this could be a signal your blood sugar levels are too high.

Any one of these could be caused by other factors. However, if the combination looks a lot like the story of your life, insulin resistance could be a real issue for you.